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What is genericsurplus?


genericsurplus is a online-shopping guide that assists online shoppers to find their desired product with the limited money spent. We want to make online shopping less daunting, less time consuming and more convenient.

With countless of products entering the market every day, it’s never easy to go to your computer, search for one type of product, and buy it right away. Hence, you will have to read many reviews before adding into cart to make sure it is worth the money you spend.

genericsurplus will do the tasks for you. We read reviews, and select the best ones in the market to make your choice easier.

How Do We List the Best 10 Items?


There are several criteria that we use to determine the top 10 products including product popularity, customer’s reviews, overall rating and brand popularity. With everything taken into consideration, we come up with the list of top 10 best products available in the market. We focus more on verified purchases review and the product’s stance on the bestseller lists. We scrutinize what the users say about the products regarding its pro and cons, we talk about the description of the products and recommend you the best ones that you can get with the most affordable price.

Our Writers

genericsurplus.com writers are here to help you pinpoint the right products and get the most out of those you already own.  Our dedicated team reviews products in over 25 categories and keeps you up-to-date with the latest releases on the market.

Jim Sheldon

Sheldon is the Editor-in-Chief of genericsurplus.com product reviews. He sets the direction of genericsurplus.com, How To and all genericsurplus.com’s compelling product evaluations.

Sheldon has more than 15 years of Internet journalism. He has written for Wired and Bloomberg News. When he’s not piecing and analyzing content at genericsurplus.com, Sheldon to likes to read and spend quiet time with his family in Arizona.

Jessica T

Jessica is a techie at heart who loves to research and write on multiple topics including beauty, automotive and musical instruments. A Middlesex University graduate and a mother of one, she also pens baby product reviews for genericsurplus.com.

Jessica has worked for the Latin edition of The Wall Street Journal and used to run a mom’s blog back in the day. When she’s not in the yoga class or writing for genericsurplus.com, you can find her chilling with her seven-year-old daughter or watching Netflix.

Drew H

Drew is a long time fanatic of tech, sports, travel, and all things shiny. He holds a Master’s degree in communications. When he is not in the office exploring the latest products and what they have to offer, he’s playing his guitar or having a cocktail in his hand – sometimes, both at once.

Drew has written for major online publications online including the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur to mention but a few. Oh, and he likes to travel as well.

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